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Donald Trump Diet

In the book let trump be trump the authors former aides of the president wrote the president would usually go 14 to 16 hours without eating. They suggest fatty fish walnuts tea and coffee which trump never has berries and the key missing item.

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A former white house physician who memorably said donald trump might have lived to 200 if he had improved his junk food heavy diet has confessed to sneaking cauliflower into the president s mashed.

Donald trump diet. His food habits are revealed in the book let trump be trump written by former campaign manager corey lewandowski where he claims the president would usually go 14 to 16 hours without eating. He is a fan of meatloaf however. When trump does eat however he makes up for lost calories and is notorious for his love of fast food.

Trump spends most of his day not eating. And if you haven t downloaded it yet go back up there and get your free copy. He s also been known to eat burgers without the buns and pizza without.

Trump reportedly isn t a fan of eating much during the day. If you downloaded the free donald trump diet above you ve probably realized by now that we re not the biggest fans of good ol 45. Trump admits to loving fast food.

Mcdonald s big macs quarter pounders or fish delights and the occasional bucket of kfc. He prefers to skip breakfast and lunch. Or you can go check out some of our kick ass blog posts below.

There are those who laud his diet as proving that trump is truly a man of the people.

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