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Confused Donald Trump Interview

The format is typically used by adding a perplexing question or absurd artwork to the paper the reporter reads to which he. Clips from this interview and outrageous comments that trump made quickly turned into a variety of memes one particularly popular meme is an image macro format that shows the reporter reading a piece of paper handed to him by trump with a very confused expression on his.

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Donald trump managed to get extremely confused during an interview as he declared that the us was lower than the world regarding coronavirus data.

Confused donald trump interview. Donald trump is dazed and confused and scrambling bill palmer 10 30 am. Eric trump the lesser heard from but still problematic son of president donald trump has been the subject of an unforeseen twitterstorm involving his statements about the lgbtq community. President donald trump spent his sunday interview on fox on his favorite subject.

Journalist s gobsmacked reactions during trump interview are twitter s too by sam haysom 2020 08 04 11 11 26 utc another day another nightmarish donald trump interview. So far according to vox biden has left trump. To hear him tell it he is the smartest most capable person in the room regardless of who might be in the room with him.

The interview was ahead of kelly appearing friday. Incoherent deluded out of his. Confused reporter jonathan swan also known as reporter reading paper from trump is an exploitable image macro series depicting axios journalist jonathan swan taking a piece of paper from donald trump with a confused expression during the 2020 axios interview on hbo.

An axios on hbo interview that aired on august 3 featured reporter jonathan swan interviewing donald trump. Eric trump campaigns for his father president donald trump ap photo robert f. He also bizarrely suggested that south korea s figures were so low because they are faking their statistics.

It was all so absurd that people could not help but wonder if the hbo interview was actually a very clever parody. On tuesday in an interview with fox news trump had claimed that the covid 19 vaccine will be available after four weeks it could be eight weeks. Read more here we had the us president in not just a stream but a full torrent of subconsciousness.

Bukaty eric said later in a statement to the new york post that he was misunderstood during his fox news interview. Former chief of staff calls donald trump nasty and confused over attack on jim mattis and lines up interview with trump hating mooch. Donald trump flounders in interview over us covid 19 death toll.

The top health experts can be wrong but the us president donald trump can never be wrong even in scientific proofs or so he believes.

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