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Donald Trump Jr Hunting Trip

The trip donald trump jr. Charged taxpayers more than 75 000 for a hunting trip to kill an endangered sheep in its report crew also detailed the cost of a trip donald trump jr.

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Cost taxpayers more than 75 000 to take a father and son trip to.

Donald trump jr hunting trip. Made to mongolia to hunt endangered argali sheep last august cost taxpayers nearly 60 000 more than the government previously disclosed according to documents obtained. Donald trump jr the president s oldest son visited the country last year on a hunting vacation organised by a company owned by a member of the mongolian president s political party. Plans to host a 7 day youth hunting trip in alaska where he ll be joined by the winner of an online auction hosted by safari club international.

Could not immediately be reached for comment by huffpost. A spokesperson told propublica for a story late last year that no government officials from either country organized the hunting trip and the necessary permits were appropriately obtained via a third party outfitter. The secret service protection for donald trump jr s trip in august 2019 to mongolia where he reportedly hunted a rare breed of sheep cost taxpayers 76 859 36 according to documents published.

It was that. Cost taxpayers at least 75 000 with hunting trip to mongolia to shoot the world s largest sheep. Took to mongolia last summer to.

This trip is just one example of the expenses the trump family is incurring with american taxpayers and if just one of don jr s trophy hunting trips cost more than 75 000 it s staggering to. Donald trump jr s trip to mongolia last august where he hunted a rare breed of giant sheep cost us taxpayers about 75 000 in secret service protection according to documents obtained by a.

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