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President donald trump vice president mike pence and faith leaders pray at a 2017 proclamation signing in the oval office. The difference a decade makes.

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More specifically he is presbyterian which is a form of protestantism which traces its roots back to scotland.

Donald trump religion. Donald trump claims the koran teaches a very negative vibe. Some christians call donald trump a believer others an idolater what does he really believe. My post was usually posted on the pages of anti trump groups.

What is donald trump s religion. Refugee advocates including faith based groups that president donald trump is courting in his re election bid called on congress thursday oct. 27 2020 in washington.

His pastor offers some clues. I put a blog post about donald trump and religion on facebook several months ago. Donald john trump born june 14 1946 is the 45th and current president of the united states before entering politics he was a businessman and television personality.

Last modified on wed 23 sep 2020 06 00 edt black american church leaders have accused donald trump of inciting white terrorism against people of colour and depicting churchgoers as thugs. Alex wong getty images president donald trump has often used religious language while in office and he has surrounded himself with evangelical leaders and supported conservative christian causes. Ever since he explained several times that he s never asked god for forgiveness about anything we know it can t be christianity despite his on the record.

The comments generated by this post were startling. Donald trump says he is christian. 1 2020 to halt his administration s plans to slash the limit on refugees allowed into the u s.

What religion is donald trump. Donald trump says there is a muslim problem wants obama s birth certificate. To a record low saying it goes against america s values.

While a few said trump was a christian as he claimed to be most had many other descriptions of his religious views. President donald trump speaks from the south lawn of the white house on the fourth day of the republican national convention thursday aug. Trump was born and raised in queens new york city he attended fordham university for two years and received a bachelor s degree in economics from the wharton school of the university of pennsylvania.

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