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On his trip to kenosha wisconsin where a police officer shot a black man seven times in the back sparking protests he conveniently found a guy who would. Despite the ridiculous caption on cnn that said fiery but mostly peaceful protests after police shooting while a reporter stood in front of a burning.

Kenosha Protest Shooting Suspect Attended A Trump Rally In January The 11th Hour Msnbc Youtube In 2020 The 11th Hour Trump Lies Kenosha

Trump blamed domestic terror for the violence in kenosha.

Donald trump kenosha. Donald trump knows about convenience. President donald trump tours an area affected by unrest in kenosha wisconsin sept. Trump was often the focal point of his tuesday trip which included a roundtable event where administration and state officials flanked him largely to thank him for his response when protests in the city turned violent.

Donald trump saved kenosha. When donald trump announced that he was visiting kenosha wisconsin some observers on social media feared this meant victory for him. Of course these observers must have forgotten who trump is.

He was getting to wisconsin before joe biden was after all. We all do stupid things at 17 the president s eldest son said he wasn t jumping to a conclusion on kyle rittenhouse who killed two anti racism protesters in wisconsin. Donald trump visits kenosha calls violence domestic terrorism us president donald trump visited kenosha wisconsin where jacob blake was left paralyzed after being shot in the back seven times by an officer last week.

What if trump gave a unifying speech that really connected with people. Defends kenosha protest shooter. President donald trump will travel to kenosha wisconsin on tuesday to meet with law enforcement and to survey some of the damage from the recent protests the white house announced saturday evening.

President donald trump defied requests to stay away and visited kenosha wisconsin on tuesday not to urge racial healing after a white officer shot a black man in the back but to express support. Washington cnn president donald trump visited kenosha wisconsin on tuesday going against the wishes of officials requesting he stay away from the city which is still coping from the recent. City of kenosha 30 miles south of milwaukee is preparing for president donald trump to visit on tuesday large parts of uptown neighborhood are still in ruins following riots sparked by the.

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