Donald Trump Jr Speech Last Night

That s what everyone wants to know. Donald trump jr said monday night this election is church work and school versus rioting looting and vandalism as he took aim at joe biden s socialism on the first night of the republican.

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Started trending at the same time on twitter on monday night.

Donald trump jr speech last night. Soon the host moved on to donald trump jr s speech which like his girlfriend s was taped in advance. Last night the 2020 republican national convention began. Live coverage of the 2020 republican national convention with speeches from nikki haley donald trump jr.

Cocaine and donald trump jr. President trump is expected to appear later in the night. Here is the full speech trump jr.

No stranger to criticizing others on social media found himself on the receiving end on monday night following his impassioned defense of dad donald trump during the. Represents the emotional center of the maga. According to one campaign aide don jr.

Gave note that we have bolded the parts that stood out to us the most. Donald trump jr was the next to last speaker at the republican national convention on monday night. Is as high.

If donald trump jr. Coked out of his mind during last night s 2020 republican national convention. Following him was sen.

While president donald trump made two appearances during the event the biggest keynote speaker was his son donald trump jr. The great american story. This was a direct result of liberals freely and without facts theorizing about the president s.

Mellon auditorium in washington on aug. Tim scott of south carolina who spoke for 12 minutes to end the night. 10 minute speech yesterday.

Donald trump jr executive vice president of the trump organization spoke on the first night of the republican national convention on aug. Donald trump jr speaks as he tapes his speech for the first day of the republican national convention from the andrew w.

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