Argentine Ant

Argentine ants are known to be aggressive towards other ant species and will attack competing ants when they move into a new area. Because it does not sting or bite humans the argentine ant is not a direct threat to humans unlike the red imported fire ant.

The Argentine Ant Can Travel 200 Feet To Find A Food Source And Each Colony Has 400 000 Ants In It Ants Animal Facts Household Pests

Mating is the only purpose for argentine ant males who will live for about a year and then die shortly after mating.

Argentine ant. Argentine ants prefer sweet foods and are often found tending aphids or scale insects on plants in order to get honeydews in return. These ants are omnivorous feeders and will feed on a wide range of organic substances. Argentine ants were first found in auckland in 1990 more recently they have been found in northland.

Where have they been found. The argentine ant is often confused with the pharaoh ant due to both looking similar to each other. Argentine ant queens mate with males solely to populate the colony.

However if you squash an argentine ant there is no strong formic acid smell as there is with some other ants including darwin ants. Argentine ant linepithema humile the situation. Queen mobility enables the rapid movement and establishment of nests to other areas if conditions become inhospitable.

Argentine ant populations can grow rapidly to the point that a colony breaks off and creates subcolonies. Argentine ants look very similar to another pest species called darwin ants. The argentine ant is native to northern argentina and it is a globally distributed invasive pest in urban natural and agricultural habitats due to unusually low levels of intraspecific aggression the argen.

Argentine ant queens are mobile and may be seen outside the nest along with workers unlike other ant queens who reside inside the nest for life. Worker ants are 2 3 mm long and all look the same while queens are about twice their size. The argentine ant linepithema humile formerly iridomyrmex humilis is an ant native to northern argentina uruguay paraguay bolivia and southern brazil it is an invasive species that has been established in many mediterranean climate areas inadvertently introduced by humans to many places including south africa new zealand japan easter island australia europe hawaii and the.

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