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English is another important language in argentina and is obligatory in primary school instruction in various provinces. República argentina is a country located mostly in the southern half of south america sharing the bulk of the southern cone with chile to the west the country is also bordered by bolivia and paraguay to the north brazil to the northeast uruguay and the south atlantic ocean to the east and the drake passage.

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This fact can be accredited to the history of the country as a spanish colony and the widespread use of the language at independence.

Argentina language. Today the vast majority of the population 40 9 million speak this language. The most striking features are the italian sounding intonations and the use of a different verbal conjugation in the second person singular form. Aɾxenˈtina officially the argentine republic spanish.

Spanish is the language that is predominantly understood and spoken as a first or second language by nearly all of the population of the republic of argentina according to the latest estimations the population is currently greater than 45 million. Spanish is obviously number one but some of the other top languages in argentina might come as a surprise. The spanish spoken in argentina distinguishes itself from spanish spoken in the other spanish speaking countries in several aspects.

Spanish is the most spoken language of argentina.

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