Donald Trump Jr Hunting Trip Cost

Donald trump jr s trip to mongolia last august where he hunted a rare breed of giant sheep cost us taxpayers about 75 000 in secret service protection according to documents obtained by a. Continues to be dogged by that sheep hunting trip to mongolia one that documents now show cost taxpayers roughly 77 000.

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Charged taxpayers more than 75 000 for a hunting trip to kill an endangered sheep in its report crew also detailed the cost of a trip donald trump jr.

Donald trump jr hunting trip cost. The trip donald trump jr. Took to mongolia last summer to. The records show that 16 000 of that total went to jandos kontorbai ahat s company.

This trip is just one example of the expenses the trump family is incurring with american taxpayers and if just one of don jr s trophy hunting trips cost more than 75 000 it s staggering to. Cost taxpayers more than 75 000 to take a father and son trip to. Ahat arranged don jr s very political hunting permit and is also a member of the mongolian president s political party.

Propublica in december reported on the eight day august. Cost taxpayers at least 75 000 with hunting trip to mongolia to shoot the world s largest sheep. Made to mongolia to hunt endangered argali sheep last august cost taxpayers nearly 60 000 more than the government previously disclosed according to documents obtained.

Donald trump jr s mongolian trophy hunting trip cost taxpayers 17 704 in secret service charges alone according to records obtained by crew. Donald trump jr s trip last summer to mongolia to kill an endangered sheep cost american taxpayers nearly 77 000 in secret service costs alone. Donald trump jr s secretive mongolia hunting trip cost 60k more than first disclosed taxpayers deserve to know how much they are paying to facilitate his trophy hunting and interactions with.

The president s son apparently hunted with a major gop donor and bagged a rare sheep. Donald trump jr s mongolia hunting trip cost taxpayers 77 000. The secret service protection for donald trump jr s trip in august 2019 to mongolia where he reportedly hunted a rare breed of sheep cost taxpayers 76 859 36 according to documents published.

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